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In the immortal words of George Clinton, “One Nation under a groove, gettin down just for the funk of it!”

The reality is that kids are impressionable and in the beginning they like what adults tell them is good, and they don’t like what adults say it bad! Think about the awesome power that an adult has. Now think about how this privilege can be used for good not evil.

Hip Hop Nursery Rhymes as well as PBS are excellent ways to encourage positive growth, individual thinking, memorization, and eye to hand coordination. Okay it’s true supposedly video games will do that too, but can video games get out the wiggles and the giggles?

Child obesity is on the rise and children spend less time doing physical activity then ever before. Here is a list of physical activities that go great with Hip Hop Nursery Rhymes:

Hot Potato

Musical Chairs

Jump Rope

Freeze Dance

Hula Hoops

Hand clapping games


Of course music can set the back drop for any activity and since Hip Hop Nursery Rhymes is profanity free, there is no need to worry about any inappropriate language. Nap time is a great time to play the hip hop nursery rhymes. Since some of the lyrics are repetitive and there is a great beat it will prompt relaxation if played in a semi- dark or otherwise quiet setting. Cleaning time can also be fun when egged on by inspirational music.  The list is endless and your imagination is the only limit. Get the kids in your life used to being active and listening to great music.

We would love to hear from you. When do you play Hip Hop Nursery Rhymes? What is your child’s favorite song? If you have a great story we want to hear it. Leave us a comment or write to us at info@hhnr.net

Have a hip hoppity great day!



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